SEM EM-30AX plus
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Scanning Electron Microscope analysis



The SEM can implemented with Elemental analysis functions at the same time. This way you can use your exhisting and preffered brand like oxford, bruker or EDAX to provide the SEM with EDS analysis.

In addition, as an integrated device, the equipment can be used at a lower cost than the separately purchased products.

Download hier de SEM 2016 brochure


tabletop SEM systems

What if you can actually buy a scanning electron microscope SEM?

Not only a simple basic system but the equivalent of the best model on the market for the price of the starter model.

It is finally possible with the tabletop sem systems from COXEM.

These systems have great specifications and can be used together with independent EDX probes from various brand like Oxford, Thermo, EDAX,…

We provide all option fro sem analysis as well.

microscope SEM sawing_machinemicroscope SEM sawing_machine

We have polishing machines, cutting machines sputtering coaters,… Feel free to ask what we can do for you. Even if budget are not enough for buying other instruments.

No need to find a compromise for your budget anymore!

Now all instruments get instrumentlifetime of free Tungsten fillaments (10years)!