About Ankersmid M&C

Ankersmid exists since 2015 formore than 30 years. Ankersmid M&C is a very reliable supplier of high quality products for more than 30 years in Belgium. All the analysis and possible applications are offered with a professional service.

M&C Products + Ankersmid = Ankersmid M&C

More than 30 years ago Karl Leyssens established M&C Products. This name stands for "Measurement & Control Products". The Company built multiple techniques for process analysis, custom made systems and sampling systems. These techniques are getting distributed in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, China, Romania, South-Korea,...

Later on Karl bought Ankersmid to foresee laboratory analyzers as well. In 2008 Karl decided to aggregate M&C Products and Ankersmid. Ankersmid M&C was born.

Ankersmid M&C formed a very interesting synergy between process solutions and laboratory techniques. This fusion also facilitates the administration and accountancy.

Ankersmit with a “t”

Ankersmid exist for more than 65 years. In the beginning was the company named “Ankersmit”. They were especially known for printing machines and records which were getting used to define and to compute graphics from analytic equipment. After a few years a lot of laboratory analyzing techniques got add to the product portfolio.

Our mission

Ankersmid M&C forms a standard intercessor for all of her customers, for every kind of analysis, application, problem and project. Ankersmid M&C has the possibility to address every technique in order to reach the perfect solution for every budget.

In the future we will attempt to stay an established value for every laboratory in Belgium but we will also create the possibility to keep on growing.


Learning & growing

Ankersmid M&C wants to bring her customers forward. That’s why we make sure our customers receive all opportunities to grow along with the possibilities of our analyzers:

  • We organize trainings in our own demonstration laboratory

  • We organize demonstrations in our own laboratory or at the customers’

  • All our employees follow education programs multiple times a year so they know the latest technologies, changes and products. This knowledge we use to give our customers the best advice.

Our team

Meet the Ankersmid M&C Team!

Karl Leyssens
  • Karl Leyssens
  • CEO
  • 03/820.80.00
Serge Rottiers
  • Serge Rottiers
  • Sales manager online analysers
  • 0498/88.03.56
Johan Leyssens
  • Johan Leyssens
  • Sales & support Labo
  • 0498/88.03.63
Timo Limbourg
  • Timo Limbourg
  • Internal Sales
  • 03/820.80.01
Guy Van Leuven
  • Guy Van Leuven
  • Service manager
  • 0498/88.03.58
Annick Van doninck
  • Annick Van doninck
  • Accounting manager
  • 03/820.80.03

Devision of labor

At Ankersmid M&C we have one person who is responsible for the internal sales and three persons who are responsible for the external sales.

Two Persons are responsible for the administration and accountancy and four persons are responsible for the after sales service.


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